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Bagged Products

Deliveries and unloading of bulk bags

All our vehicles are equipped with hiab cranes . They can reach approximately 3m from where the truck is parked . Sometimes over walls and into front gardens and driveways upon the drivers discretion . We only use our own transport and drivers making a more reliable delivery service . Most of our online competitors use palletline type companies with tail lifts . and insist on kerbside delivery not always helpful to the customer where space is limited.

All bulk bags are non refundable or returnable, we do not charge a deposit on them.

Standard Topsoil - £ 55.00 per jumbo bag
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Standard Topsoil
Our Standard topsoil is rich dark brown and fertile.

Screened down to 10mm, an economical way of building up areas especially where more than 5 bags are needed .

Bordersoil Mix Topsoil - £ 62.50 per jumbo bag
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Bordersoil Mix Topsoil

Border mix is a blended organic soil light and highly fertile it is easy to work with retains moisture very dark in colour perfect for improving poor quality soil prior to laying your new lawn . And ideal for flower beds and vegetable gardens as well.

Lawngrow Mix - £ 67.50 per jumbo bag
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Lawngrow MixHigh in nutrients and 100% Organic Almost black in colour Lawngrow Mix is much lighter than standard topsoil by volume sprinkle over your garden at aprox 10mm depth prior to laying turf and give your lawn the perfect start.

MUSHROOM COMPOST - £ 72.50 per jumbo bag
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Lawngrow MixSpent mushroom compost is made from a once used blend of wheat straw, horse and chicken manure. The proportions vary and are related to the variations in products used to formulate this.

The blend is sterilised before being inoculated with mushroom spawn. One crop of mushrooms is taken and then the compost is released to the landscape and farming markets.

This product will raise your pH slightly so shouldn’t be used on ericaceous plants.


Standard delivery charge £15.00 (all Midlands)

** Free delivery on all orders over 5 bags **

If you receive Central TV then we deliver high quality turf and topsoil to your area

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