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Economix Turf

EconomixOur Budget turf is still excellent quality but offers an affordable alternative for larger areas where costs can be accumulated.

We do not use netting in the production of our turf. That means there is no danger of injury to children or pets. It also means that the turf is mature and the root system is strong enough to hold it together.

Each roll measures 1 square metre, with the dimensions being 250cm long x 40cm wide.

Price shown is per 1 square metre roll

Turf Sample


Price per square metre £2.35
If you know how many square metres you require,
select from this list.
Known requirement in Square Metres
Otherwise use the area calculator below.
Example Calculation

Area 1: 6 x 8 = 48 Sq. M.
Area 2: 4 x 2 =  8 Sq. M.
Total required: 56 Sq. M.
Length and Width measured in:
  Length M Width M Sq M  
Area 1 x =  
Area 2 x =  
Area 3 x =  
Area 4 x =  
Total Turf Needed in Square Metres Includes wastage
Total cost of Turf  
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If you receive Central TV then we deliver high quality turf and topsoil to your area

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